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  • 24/7 Availability  via  Dedicated Phone or Email
  • Recommendations and/or Referrals to Specialists
  • Management of Your Overall Health Concerns


  • Same or Next Business Day Appointments
  • On Time Appointments That Do Away With Rushed Visits
  • Office Visits for Visiting Friends & Family

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As one of a few hundred, rather than one of a few thousand patients, members enjoy more time with and enhanced availability and service from their personalized physician.

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Bret R

Almost my whole family sees Laura as part of Doctor Halls practice. Mom, dad and me all have the same opinions that the staff and Laura are all great to work with and make the very bureaucratic business of insurance and medicine as easy as possible to deal with.

Jacque W

I was just there for blood work prior to my appointment next week. Was very well treated by the receptionist and the phlebotomist.

Frances P

Always a great experience. Love Dr. Hall and his staff. They are so friendly and helpful.

Irving C

I have always felt like I was getting the best level of medical care – always treated with compassion, respect, patience and promptness – a person not just a cash customer!

Your Health Is Personal

You're not a commodity, so why accept assembly-line healthcare? Dr. Hall's practice is personalized to fit your unique needs and busy schedule. From crafting a personalized healthcare plan with you to accommodating last-minute appointments, your well being is our priority.

Personalize Your Healthcare

Call us, if you prefer! 512 244 3554

John C. Hall, MD